Zebra Tulip

"I observed a zebra swallowtail butterfly soar past me. I wondered ... what if flowers, frogs and butterflies all had that pattern? I don’t really think so ... but I could paint it as though it were so ... And I did." — Bambi

Originals Gallery

“When I finally get to actually paint, to really put paint on the paper, I am in a state of bliss. My day to day stuff has been set aside, I have my reference material in my head or in front of me, my water and paints are ready for me. My drawing is on the paper. I’m soooooo ready for the color to begin and appear as if magic happens and transforms the paper into something fun and crisp!!” – Bambi

If you are interested in purchasing an original painting please contact us. Email or (800) 428-3044

Galleries Carrying Bambi’s Work …

Artists of the Valley Gallery
1307 1st Street
Napa Valley, CA