Frogs & Grapes

"When I see a vineyard ready for harvest, I can’t help but think ... what a clever creation, little round luscious fruits that comes in a bunch ... ready for plucking.

Not only does the border of this print have frogs swimming with the grapes, but there are four little obscure frogs hanging on the big grape clusters in the center of this image." — Bambi

Meet Bambi at the Following Events …

Open Studio Tour – last weekend in September, Hosted by Calaveras Co. Arts Council

Take a scenic tour through the Sierra Foothills of Calaveras County while perusing the studios of may talented Fine Artists. As well as other Calaveras artists, this is a time when Bambi opens her studio to visit with art enthusiasts. For further information contact the Calaveras County Arts Council for more information on this event.